Communication While Cruising

Updated: 12 March 2018

We live in a connected world and have come to rely on the ability to communicate with our fellows over long distances just about whenever we want. The microelectronics revolution continues to increase the range of options available to the cruising boat at ever more affordable costs.

The options available today include:
  • Cellular Voice & Data Service
  • VHF radio
  • SSB radio
  • WiFi

Cellular Services
  • Cellular voice and data services are widely available throughout the Bahamas from BTC Bahamas.
  • For more information see Cellular and Data Service

  • SSB is a very important communication tool for cruisers in the Bahamas.
  • Every cruising vessel should carry at least an SSB receiver.
  • For more information see SSB Communication.

  • VHF is a critical safety and communication tool for cruisers. A well-functioning system with backups and crew knowledgeable of proper usage is a must.
  • For more information see VHF Communication.

WiFi for Cruisers
  • Good primer on wifi from Netgate (pdf)

  • One of the most important issues for the cruiser today is how to obtain access to the internet. In the Bahamas, this remains a bit of a challenge in most areas but while a challenge access to the internet is available in all but the more remote areas.
  • For more information see WiFi & Internet