Purchase the Bahamas Cruisers Guide - Offline Edition for use when you do not have internet access.

Updated: 26 October 2018

Click on the "View Product" Button Below to purchase a complete current digital copy of the Bahamas Cruisers Guide - Offline Edition with your PayPal account or with a credit or debit card (with transaction processed by PayPal).


What happens after clicking the link above:

  1. You will be taken to a page which will show the Bahamas Cruisers Guide - Offline Edition as a product to be purchased.
  2. To purchase, Click "Buy Now" button
  3. You will be taken to PayPal
  4. Click on "Proceed to Pay"
  5. You will be shown a page where you can select to pay using
    • Your PayPal account
    • Credit or Debit card (transaction processed by PayPal)
  6. Select how you want to pay
  7. Then provide required information to complete the purchase

After making your purchase you will be able to download a compressed copy (in .zip format). Note: This file must be decompressed using your computer's utility for unzipping files before the Guide files can be accessed on your computer.

Instructions for use on a laptop:
  1. Download the file.
  2. Use your computer's file decompression utility to unzip the file and a folder named "Bahamas Cruisers Guide" will be created.
  3. Now you can use your normal web browser to access the Guide.
  4. Select the browser's "Open File" menu command to open the index.html file in the Bahamas Cruisers Guide folder OR double-click on the index.html file. Create a Bookmark for this location for future use. You must use this procedure so that your browser will know to redirect all the internal links to the Guide folder.
  5. Navigate all the Guide's internal links as usual to access content. [Note: external links that would take you to separate websites require an active connection to the internet to be reached.]
  6. Enjoy!

Information for iPad / iPhone / Smart Phone / Tablet Users.
The Guide can be accessed on an a portable device when it is not connected to the internet. First, It is necessary to have an App on the device that allows off-line viewing of files (and also, usually, display and management of other data files). Examples of these are:
GoodReader — and excellent App that allows you to handle just about any file type (html; pdf; jpeg, etc.).
Offline Pages
iSaveWeb Pro

Once you have an appropriate App on your device, there are two ways to install the Guide:
1. First purchase, download, and unzip a copy of the Guide using the web browser on your laptop. Then transfer it to your iPad / smartphone / tablet. Note: this will allow you to have the Guide on both your laptop and your iPad / smartphone / tablet. [Note: it is possible to transfer a copy by AirDrop between Apple devices (MacBook to iPad or iPhone) to the GoodReader App.

2. Use the web browser on your iPad / smartphone / tablet to purchase and download a copy of the Guide. For the download, your device will ask you to select the App you want to use to view it. Note: GoodReader and iSaveWeb Pro will unzip the download file.

Once transferred to an App, open the index.html file to access the Guide.

The Guide is updated continuously.

Benefits of Purchasing a Download
  • Access all the key information in the Guide at any time on your laptop, smart phone, or tablet.
  • Use the power of your device's Search function to find the information you need.
  • Plan, research areas, and identify external websites to check when you next have internet access.

Copyright Note:
  • Bahamas Cruisers Guide is copyrighted.
  • Purchase of a download grants the purchaser a license to use the Bahamas Cruisers Guide - Offline Edition on their electronic devices (laptop, smart phone, tablet).
  • Transfer of the Guide to others is prohibited under this license.