WiFi & Internet

WiFI services and access to the internet are widely available in the Bahamas -- but sometimes a challenge to use.

There is a tendency to use the terms WiFi and Internet as if they were interchangeable - but WiFi is the means and Internet is the end.

  • In the Bahamas, many sources e.g. marinas, libraries, hotels / resorts have computers with active internet connections available that a cruiser may use. However these are very limited.
  • The most common way of connecting to the Internet is through WiFi although recently (2012) cellular data services have been made available by BTC Bahamas.

Cellular Data Service for Internet Access
  • Cellular data service is now being provided by BTC Bahamas since the company was purchased by Cable & Wireless in 2010.
  • Internet access is now available in most places where there is cellular phone service.
  • Appropriate equipment and a data plan is necessary.
  • See: Cellular Voice & Data Service

  • WiFi is the most common and most wide-spread technology for connecting to the Internet.
  • Gone are the days when a cruiser could readily find an "open" WiFi source that could be connected to free of charge. Most Bahamian owners of WIFi have become more sophisticated and now have closed secure networks.
  • Commercial WiFi providers are now quite common. Quality and cost vary by location. Some rely on the BTC land line network while others use direct satellite connections.
  • Many marinas, hotels / resorts, restaurants & bars, etc. offer free WiFi to patrons. These vary greatly with respect to reliability, speed, and throughput.

WiFi Usage Cautions

  • Note: In most places in the Bahamas, be prepared to use a commercial WiFi provider at a cost of ~$10 to $15 / day.
  • Note: "Unlimited" thoughput (MB of data sent and received) is generally not available and most commercial services will limit the daily throughput to ~ 100MB.
  • Warning: be sure to turn off any "automatic" upload or download features on your computer or tablet as this can devour your MB throughput allowance in a blink!
  • Many sites will prohibit VOIP (e.g. Skype) and limit social site access due to their heavy demands on data throughput.
  • Avoid video and image sites to protect your MB throughput quota.

WiFi Connection Technology
  • In many locations, e.g. the Abacos, commercial WiFi providers have strong enough signals that a cruiser can readily use the built-in WiFi on their laptop, phone, or iPad to access it.
  • Most cruisers will find the need for a more powerful / sensitive WiFi booster (transceiver) to be able to use the weaker signals often encountered.
  • There are a number of options available. The important thing is the necessary equipment should be purchased, installed, and troubleshot before getting to the Bahamas.

Updated: 14 Jan 13