Long Island

Map of Long Island

Long Island is long and narrow. Settlements are almost continuous along the long N-S highway. A rental car will allow a visitor to explore the many attractions that are nor easily reached by boat. These include the world's deepest blue hole at Deans Blue Hole located at Turtle Bay on the E coast just N of Clarence Town.

It has several areas of interest to cruisers:
Cape Santa Maria and Calabash Bay
Clarence Town & Little Harbour
Deadmans Cay Area
Salt Ponds / Thompson Bay
West Central: Simms / Bains / Doctors Creek

Note March 2016: Due to hurricane damage in 2015, the potable water supply to much of the island is extremely limited. Cruisers are advised to bring sufficient water for their stay and call ahead to check availability.

Updated: 14 Mar 16