Cave Cay, Exumas

Explorer Chart: EX-22, EX-23

Updated: 20 March 2017

  • Cave Cay airstrip; 2800'; packed coral. 23º54.7'N, 76º16.5'W.
  • Cave Cay Marina; 242 357-0143; VHF Ch-16; Airstrip is open to private aircraft visiting the Cay. Note: aircraft must contact the marina ahead of time to have the runway opened for landings.
Air Service
  • There are good anchorages along the W shore of the cay and W of nearby Musha Cay.
Area Information Tourism
  • Exumas Visitors Guide. An free guide booklet available at many local businesses. It provides a good directory of services and attractions throughout the Exumas.
Art Gallery / Art
Bank & ATM

Beverage Store
Bike Rental
Boat Rental / Charter
Book Exchange
BTC / Batelco Office
Car Rental
Cell Phone Service
  • There is cell phone service from the Little Farmers Cay tower. Cellular data serves are also available. SV Onward had Edge serve in Feb 2013.
Coffee Shop

Cruisers Net
Customs & Immigration
Dinghy Landing

  • Great bonefishing on nearby flats.
  • Spectacular snapper fishing in 500 - 700'' on S side.
Fresh Fish

  • Cave Cay Marina; 242 357-0143; VHF Ch-16; Diesel and gas. The fixed fuel pier is in the NW corner of the basin and is easy to approach port side to.
  • Note: As of 2016 the marina no longer offers fuel for sale.
Golf Cart / Scooter Rental
Government / Administrator
Groceries & Produce

  • The island has an orchid and a vegetable garden. Marina guests are welcome to sample fruits and vegetables; check with attendant.
Hardware & Lumber
  • The current owner purchased the island about 1994 when there was nothing on it. Since then he and his family have been slowly building infrastructure. The marina operates its own small ship to ferry supplies to the island.
  • Ice
  • Ice is available to marine guests.
Ice Cream
Internet & WiFi
  • Cave Cay Marina; 242 357-0143; VHF Ch-16. Washing machines are available to marina guests. Air dry in the sun: free.
  • Library
  • Three rental guest quarters buildings are nearing completion (Feb 2013), two duplex and a triplex. Once completed, completion of the hilltop clubhouse will follow.
Marina & Dockage
  • Cave Cay Marina; 242-357-0143; VHF Ch-16; Floating docks; 22 slips; electricity; water; showers; restrooms. Marina has 5.5' at its entrance at MLW and 9' at MHW; 11.5' in marina at MLW. Great protection, 360º, 40' surrounding hills. Cruiser Comment Jan 2012: Operators are really friendly and took us snorkeling. Beaches on the island are beautiful.
Marine Supplies & Parts
Marine Services & Repairs
Medical / Clinic / Pharmacy

  • Vessels with > 5.25' draft need the help of the tide to clear the "bump", a ridge across the entrance. There is deep water before and after.
  • On 27 Mar 2013, SV Onward with a draft of 6.2' easily negotiated the channel to the marina at a tide of ~ +2.3'. The shallowest point was 9.8' at the set of inner buoys. Basin depth was > 10'.
Packages & Shipping
Personal Services
Post Office / Mail

Restaurant & Bar
  • There is currently no restaurant or bar available.
Retail Therapy - Shopping
  • Showers for marina guests are located in the building on shore just SE of the pier.
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
  • There are many nearby snorkeling sites.

  • Use tidal data for Steventon tide station.
Things to See & Do
  • There are 3 beaches on the Cay.
  • Trash disposal available to marina guests.
VHF Protocol
  • Standard Bahamas VHF Protocol: Ch-16 is for marine emergencies, safety, and hailing. It is also used by local Bahamian shore facilities for hailing. Communication traffic must be shifted to another channel.
  • Cave Cay Marina; 242 357-0143; VHF Ch-16; $0.50/gal. There is no water meter on the fuel pier (Mar 2013; water is provided at slips. If water is all you need, to check if they can accommodate you.
  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually on 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.
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