General Guidance
  • The Bahamas is a very safe place to cruise.
  • Bahamians in general are very honest.
  • As with many countries today, an influx of economic refugees, legal and illegal, is a challenge. To this group, any cruising vessel is rich.
  • In any harbor, never assume that your boat will not be boarded in the night by an intruder looking for an easy way to get items that are easily disposed of. Boaters should secure all small items in the cockpit at night or any time the boat is unattended.
  • In urbanized harbors (Freeport, Marsh Harbor, Nassau, e.g.) dinghies and larger horsepower outboard motors are attractive targets. Secure motors to dinghies. Do not leave dinghies unattended. It is a good practice to put dinghy and motor up on davits at night.
  • Remote areas are not exempt: in 2010, a marina on a remote cay with direct access to a cut to Exuma Sound had two high-value, fast, large yacht tenders stollen on one night.

  • Updated: 23 Dec 10