Private Islands

The Bahamas, strewn across their ocean plateau 50 to 300 miles from the U.S. East Coast, offers the wealthy and privacy-seeking the opportunity of having their own private island with white sandy beaches in an aqua-blue sea.

Here is a bit of information on a few of the islands.


Note: When the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park was established, it was not possible due to funding and other limitations to purchase all of the islands within the Park boundaries. A number of private islands were thus incorporated within the boundaries giving them a unique status.

Bell Island.
One of the largest private islands, it was purchased in 2010 by the Aga Kahn, the spiritual leader of an Islamic sect and a major philanthropist for the Islamic community. After the $100M purchase of the island a major upgrade is nearing completion in 2013 with a large marina basin for the Kahn's super yacht and many other amenities.

Bock Cay.
A group of eight cays is being developed into a private high-end resort by the co-founders of the Fry's Electronics chain with 6 guest estates, a club house and 35 homes for staff.

Cave Cay.
This cay was purchased in 1994 by a Texan in the oil business who has continuously developed it at a staid pace and includes the owners home and a commercial marina. It is on the market in 2013 for $100M.

Childrens Bay Cay.
Located just above Great Exuma, this cay was the hideaway of film stars. It is now owned by heirs of the Johnson & Johnson fortune.

Fowl Cay.
Originally established as the island home of a retail magnate, this small cay located just NE of Staniel Cay and Big Majors Spot is now a high-end resort owned and operated by Sandals.

Joe's Cay.
Located just S of Compass Cay, this cay was purchased by an American entrepreneur who is developing it into a private retreat.

Leaf Cay.

An small undeveloped cay was owned by Nicholas Cage and is currently for sale.

Little Halls Pond Cay.
This long narrow cay is the low-key get away of Johnny Depp.

Musha Cay,
This cay and several nearby smaller cays is owned by David Copperfield who after the purchase for $50M continues to develop into a magical tropical island high-end resort.

Overyonder Cay.
Located N of Staniel Cay.

Rudder Cut Cay.
Located just S of Musha Cay, this island was purchased in the early 1990's by a Florida insurance magnate whose company went belly-up at the expense of the Florida taxpayer and Florida ended up owning the island. It has been in disuse since and is currently for sale (2013)

Soldier Cay.

Thomas Cay.

White Bay Cay.
Located just off the S end of Warderick Wells Cay within the bounds of Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, this island is an example of the over-exuberant style of island ownership. Movie Producer Tim Wells is in the final stages of completing a many-building private resort for his family and friends. It is almost hard to see the island for the buildings.

Updated:22 Feb 2013