Air Travel to the Bahamas

Air Service Providers
There are many air service providers to the Bahamas. Many are scheduled airlines with many more regional and local providers. This list is constantly changing.

Sources for Current Air Service Providers:

Partial List of Air Service Provides:

  • Abaco Air; 242-367-2266; 242-346-2205. Charters between Abaco and all the Bahama Islands and Florida. Serves: MHH, NAS, ELH, MIS.
  • AeronautX; 561-249-4613; Air charter service from N. Palm Beach and Palm Beach International airports to the Bahamas.
  • AirCharter Bahamas; 866-359-4526. Charters from Nassau and S. FL.
  • Air Canada; 242-377-1029; 888-247-2262.
  • Airgate Aviation; 242-365-9137; 386-478-0600. Serves New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Bimin, Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay.
  • Air Sunshine; 800-327-8900; 305-885-6665. Service from FLL to: MHH, TCB, ZSA, TBI, GHB, GIN, GGT.
  • Amelia Airways; 800-546-4648; 954-970-7544. Charters from FLL.
  • American Airlines; 242-377-8001
  • American Eagle; 800-433-7300. Serves various cities in US to: GGT, FPT, NAS, MHH.
  • Bahamasair; 242-377-8451; 800-222-4262. Service from Nassau to MIA, FLL, ORL and other island.
  • Bahamas Express; 954-356-1540; text: 954-24-6984. Charters serving Bimini, Great Harbour, Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay, North Eleuthera, Freeport, Nassau, Andros.
  • Bimini Island Air; 954-938-8991. Service from FLL; charters and shared charters. Serves FLL; MHH, FPT, BIM, CHB, ASD.
  • Cat Island Air; 242-377-3318. Serves NAS; TBI; Great Harbour Cay, Berries; Sandy Point, Great Abaco.
  • Chalks; 800-424-2557; 242-347-3023; Serves FLL; MIA; BIM; PID.
  • Cherokee Air; 242-367-1920 / 0525; 1-800-920-9971 (US);; private charter plane company. Serves: WPB; MHH; ELH.
  • Continental Airlines; 800-523-3273 (US). Continental serves the Bahamas from Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Walton Beach, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Key West, Miami, Orlando, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Tampa, West Palm Beach to: MHH; TCB; BIM; TBI; GHB; GGT; NAS; FPT.
  • Delta / NWA; 242-377-1053; 800-221-1212. Serves: ATL; CVG, FLL, NY, ORL, TPA to NAS.
  • Executive Flight Support; 800-468-8639; 242-377-3355; Charters from NAS.
  • Executive Air Charter; 242-362-1618. Charters from NAS.
  • Flamingo Air; 242-351-5922; 242-355-2003. Serves: FPT; MIS; Walkers Cay; Sandy Pt., Abaco; Great Harbour Cay; Staniel Cay; Black Point, Great Guana, Exumas.
  • Florida Costal; 800-435-9322 . Serves: FLL; MHH; TCB; FPT. Charters.
  • Harry Nixon's Aviation; 242-322-1388; 242-357-0807; 242-359-0126. Charters. Serves Nassau, Staniel Cay, Black Point, Little Farmers Cay.
  • Island Air Charters; 800-444-9904; 954-359-9942. Serves FLL; BIM; Cat Cay. Charters.
  • Island Express; 954-359-0380. Serves: FLL; MHH; TCB; ELH; BIM; FPT; DMC.
  • Islandpass; 386-492-2984 (US)
  • Jet Blue; 242-377-1174. Serves NAS; BUF, BTV; NY; ROC; SYR.
  • Le Air; 242-377-2356. Charters from NAS.
  • Locair; 242-37-3522; 1-800-205-0730 (US). Service to St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay; Orlando & Palm Beach (April 2010) from Marsh Harbour International airport.
  • Lynx International; 888-596-9247; 954-772-9808. Serves: FLL; BIM; GHB; TBI; GGT. Charters.
  • Majors Air; 242-352-5778. Serves: MHH; TCB; BIM; ASD.
  • National Air Transport; 888-271-0502; 561-483-5070. Charters from FLL.
  • Pineapple Air; 242-377-0140. Serves: NAS; DMC; GHH; ELH; GGT; FPT. Charters.
  • Professsional Flight Services; / Professional Air Charter; 954-838-9508. Charters from FLL.
  • Reggie Express; 954-761-3131. Serves: FLL; GGT. Freight and passengers.
  • Safari Seaplanes; 866-272-5728; 242-393-2522; 242-359-1722. Charters from NAS.
  • Sky Bahamas; 242-377-8993 (Nassau); 242-367-0996 (Marsh Harbour); 242-345-0172 (Exuma); Service to Nassau and direct to Ft. Lauderdale from Marsh Harbour International airport. Serves Exuma (George Town); Freeport, Bimini, and Cat Island.
  • Sky Limo; 866-759-5466; 954-491-5930. Charters from FLL.
  • Sky Unlimited; 242-377-8993; 242-345-0172. Serves: NAS; GGT. Charters.
  • Southern Air; 242-377-2014. Charter service to Staniel Cay.
  • Spirit Air; 800-772-7117. Serves FLL; NAS.
  • Sunshine Air Charter; 800-685-2825. Charters from MIA, Opalocka.
  • Take Flight Charters; 242-362-1877. Charters from NAS.
  • Tropical Diversions; 800-343-7256. Charters from FLL.
  • TwinAirCalypso; 866-325-9776; 954-359-8266. Serves FLL; MHH; TCB; ELH; GHB; RSD. Charters.
  • U.S. Airways; 800-428-4322; 242-377-8886/7. Serves various U.S. cities to: FPT; MHH; NAS; ELH; GHB; GGT.
  • Vintage Props & Jets; 800-852-0275. Serves ORL; New Smyrna; Daytona; Melbourne to MHH; TCB.
  • Watermakers Air; 242-355-2024; 954-771-0330; Serves: Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport; Staniel Cay; Black Point; regular service.
  • Western Air; 242-377-2222. Serves NAS; ASD; other Andros aiports.
  • Yellow Air Taxi; 242-367-0032. On demand charters from FLL, WPB to MHH, TCB, ELH.

Medical Ambulance Services
  • Air Ambulance; 954-491-0555. Service from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
  • American Jets Air Ambulance; 772-465-0893. Service fro Ft. Pierce.
  • Divers Alert Network; 800-446-2671/ 919-684-8111. From Duke U., Durham NC.
  • Life Flight; 888-543-3358; 305-663-6859. Service from Opalocka FL; pediatrics only.
  • Medical Air Services Association; 800-423-3226.
  • National Air Ambulance;800-327-3710; 954-359-9400. From Fort Lauderdale.
  • U.S. Air Ambulance; 800-948-1215; 941-536-2000. Service from FL.

Airport Codes for Bahamas Airports
ART Arthurs Town, Cat Island
ASD Andros
BIM Bimini
CHB Chub Cay
DMC Deadmans Cay, Long Island
ELH North Eleuthera
FPT Freeport
GGT George Town, Great Exuma
GHB Govenors Harbour
GIN Great Inagua
MHH Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco
MIS Moores Island
NAS Nassau
PID Paradise Island
RSD Rock Sound
SML Stella Maris Airport; Long Island
TBI New Bight, Cat Island
TCB Treasure Cay
ZSA San Salvador

Cities in U.S. with air service to the Bahamas.
ATL Atlanta
BUF Buffalo
BTV Burlington VT
CVG Cincinnati
FLL Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale Executive
MIA Miami
NY New York
ORL Orlando
ROC Rochester
SYR Saracuse
TPA Tampa
WPB West Palm Beach

Updated: 15 Jan 13