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Updatedi: 4 February 2017

The Bahamas

Boating & Cruising Safety

Customs & Immigration

Cruising Information
  • Cruising Compass A weekly newsletter for cruisers and sailors presented by Blue Water Cruising.

Cruising Organizations
  • BoatUS Boat Owners Association of the United States.
  • Seven Seas Cruising Association The premier organization for cruisers, this website is loaded with information about cruising and fellow cruisers.

Cruising Publications

Emergency / Serch & Rescue
  • BASRA, Bahamas Search & Rescue



Recipes from Cruisers in the Bahamas
  • Stories from My Galley; A Sailor's Memoir, Recipes Include. Lorraine Sulick-Morecraft. Part memoir and part travelogue, Lorraine's delightful anecdotes are the perfect recipe for enjoying life in the Abacos. It is available from iBooks.

Local History

Retail Therapy

Super Yachts

Travel Information

  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually on 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.
  • Barometer Bob; an excellent website providing weather for the Bahamas, particularly the Abacos.