Batelco Towers Providing Cell Phone Coverage

This is a list of radio towers most of which were originally installed for radio and microwave transmission. They now serve the additional purpose as cell phone towers. Th list is provided for several reasons: the towers are visual reference points useful for navigation; when you have a line-of-sight to a tower it is an excellent indicator that you will have cell phone service. As Batelco has expanded cell phone service, a number of new conventional cell towers (~100' tall tapered steel poles) have been installed at intervals on some of the "long" cays, e.g. Long Island, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Great Exuma, Great Abaco. It has not yet been possible to determine Lat / Long for these new towers.

Coopers Town, Great Abaco; 26º52.3'N, 77º30.8'W
Hope Town, Elbow Cay
Fox Town, Little Abaco; 26º55.2'N, 77º47.8'W
Grand Cay, Bight of Abaco; 23º13.3'N, 78º19.8'W
Green Turtle Cay; 26º45.4'N; 77º19.5'W
Hard Bargain, Mores Island, Bight of Abaco; 26º 18.9'N, 77º34.5'W
Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco; 26º32.6'N,77º03.4'W
Sandy Point, Great Abaco; 26º01.5'N, 77º23.9'W
Treasure Cay; 26º40.2'N, 77º17.4'W
Walkers Cay; 27º15.5'N, 78º23.6'W
Great Harbour Cay; 25º44.9''N, 77º52'W
Chub Cay; 25º24.7'N; 77º54'W

N. Bimini; 23º43.8'N; 79º17.4'W
Cat Cay
Arthurs Town; 24º37.4'N, 75º40.5'W
N Cat Cay
New Bight; 24º17.3'N, 75º24.9'W.
Cat Island
New Bight
Crooked Island
Colonel Hill. 22º45.2'N, 74º12.4W.
Alice Town; 25º21.2N, 76º29.1W
Current I
South Palmetto Point; 25º09'N, 76º10W.
Tarpum Bay; 24º57.8'N, 76º11'W
Great Euma; George Town; 23º30.1'N, 75º46.3'W
Great Guana Cay; Black Point
Highborne Cay
Little Farmers Cay; 25º57.4'N; 76º19.3'W
Staniel Cay
Gtand Bahama
West End; 26º32.8'N, 78º49.1'W
Jumentos / Ragged Islads
Ragged Islad; Duncan Town; 22º11.5'N, 75º43.4'W
Long Island
Scrub Hill. 23º29.8'N, 75º14'W.
Thompson Bay / Salt Ponds. 23º20.7'N, 75º05'W.

Updated: 28 Jan 10