George Town to Long Island Cruising Rally
14 - 16 March 2016

Post-Regatta George Town to Thompson Bay Long Island Race / Cruise

Updated: 9 March 2016; 0900

  • A post-Regatta cruise / race to Thompson Bay Long Island has been a tradition for a number of years.
  • Kathy and Barth on SV Five & Dime are coordinating the activities for this event in 2016.

  • A number of years ago the George Town to Long Island Rally began rather spontaneously as a follow-on event to the Regatta.
  • Ron & Karen became the organizers for a number of years but are not cruising this year.
  • In 2015, Al and Sue on Baroda picked up the baton as organizers to continue this tradition.
  • In 2016, Kathy and Barth on SV Five & Dime have stepped in with Sue and Al who are at Thompson Bay to continue.
  • Bravo!

  • Kathy and Barth on SV Five & Dime for general participation.
  • Contact Prue & Burt on SV Exuberant to register or provide information on your vessel to participate in the Race.

Boat Count
  • 30 +

  • The Rally will select a VHF channel as its hailing channel.

Meeting & Registration
  • There will be a meeting of interested boats 1200 Friday, 11 Mar 16 on the beach at Chat & Chill
Schedule of Events

Day 1;
  • March 14th
  • Race over; weather permitting.
  • 5;30pm welcome reception SOU SIDE...bring your own nibblies.
  • Band
  • Guest speakers about living through a CAT4 hurricane
  • Conch Race Heats

Day 2;

  • March 15th
  • see local interests Blue hole etc
  • Drink & Wing Special at ROWDY BOYS..pool access
  • 6pm depart for Stella Maris by bus and HOPEFULLY 2 vans CAVE DINNER

Day 3;
  • March 16th
  • TREASURE HUNT/ Beach clean for those wanting to...PRIZES!!
  • Award dinner at SOU SIDE...$ a 10.00 meal & drink special for us
  • Conch Race Finals....
Sailing Race
  • The Race event is being organized by Prue and Burt on SV Exuberant.
  • The details of the race have not been determined as of 9 March due to weather uncertainties.
  • There may be a race from Elizabeth Harbour to Thompson Bay or just in Thompson Bay depending on weather.
  • SV Exuberant is gathering boat information on all vessels in the event they decided to race: vessel type / builder, LOA, genoa size, prop (folding / fixed, number of blades), special characteristics affecting rating.
  • There will be a meeting of interested boats 1200 Friday, 11 Mar 16 on the beach at Chat & Chill

Cave Dinner
  • Dinner featuring Bahamian food buffet.
  • At Stella Maris Resort in the large cave.
  • A spectacular and fun setting.

Conch Races
  • Conch races are a unique Long Island event.
  • Women's, Men's, and Children's Divisions
  • $2 / heat.
  • Cash prizes to winners.
  • Proceeds to the Long Island Family Island Regatta Committee.

Bus Trip
  • There will be a trip S trip to include: Deans Blue Hole, Clarence Town, Hamilton caves / plantation ruins.
  • Take along water, drinks & snacks, adult beverages

Information for Long Island

Race Results & Rally Awards

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