65th National Family Island Regatta

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George Town

Updated: 5 March 2018

National Family Island Regatta
66th Annual National Family Island Regatta

Date: Tuesday, Apr. 24, 2018
to Saturday, Apr. 28, 2018

There will be five days of sailing featuring Bahamian native sloops – Classes A, B, C, D, and E. This tradition started in 1954 and today it is one of the oldest regattas in The Islands of The Bahamas. Venue is beautiful Elizabeth Harbour in George Town.
Contacts: Mr. Danny Strachan / (242) 336-2790 or Mr. Ken “Iceman” McPhee / (242) 357-0730

Bahamas Tourism Office Website:
National Family Island Regatta.

Continuing a tradition started in 1952, there will be five days of sailing races involving traditional Bahamian vessels.

The rivalry is intense and the sailing tactics are "bold" to the point of eye popping. The speed and energy is intoxicating.

The festivities will be centered around Regatta Park in George Town.

The National Family Island Regatta has come to serve as a homecoming festival for natives of Exuma who now live and / or work in other parts of the Bahamas.

Contact: Ken "Iceman" McPhee; Chairman of the Local Regatta Committee in George Town; 242-524-0865

For several interesting articles about the Bahamian Regattas, Check out this series of articles written and photographed by fellow sailor & cruiser Jan Pehrson for Southwinds Magazine : Bahamian Racing Regattas

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